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Psychotherapy (and Counselling) – what are they?


The difference between these terms is much discussed. My view is counselling tends to focus more on the person’s immediate, day to day issues and challenges and hence can be comparatively brief. Psychotherapy tends to deal more with the person’s deeper emotional problems & mental health issues, including fixed behaviour patterns that may no longer be appropriate or helpful. Hence it is typically (but does not have to be) longer term work.

If you have not experienced counselling or psychotherapy before you might like to watch the short video on the right. It is produced by Happiful who run websites that provide on-line listings of coaches, counsellors and psychotherapists.

My Approach

I am a senior (final year) trainee Gestalt psychotherapist. Gestalt is a German word with no direct English translation, but basically means form, whole or pattern. It focuses on what happens ‘here and now’ between therapist and client; is highly relational; holistic (mind and body are inter-related); pays attention to body process; embraces creativity and experimenting with new ways of being in the world.

Areas of Psychotherapy (and Counselling) I work in:



Emotional neglect

Low self-confidence


Anger management

Career counselling

Family issues

Low self-esteem



Carer support

Feeling sad

Personality disorders

Suicidal thoughts

Autism spectrum




Work-related stress